About Us

Body Sailing was inspired by Paolo Ravanello’s love for his job as well as for sailing, which led him to combine his great track record of the cosmetic industry with his fascination for the nautical world.

Our company, specialized in the distribution of professional cosmetics for hair and beauty salons, invested in research to identify the best innovative formula to develop specific products for sailing. The result is our Body Sailing line, whose products unite body love and environmental care, allowing to tenderly clean hair and body using fresh or sea water. Our mission is to bring cosmetics where it is harder to get, but not only: Body Sailing is also ideal for frequent shampooing, to relieve itching, for dry, treated and dyed hair. Thanks to their lenitive power, low foaming effect and their being free from SLS and sless, our products are suitable both for active people and for a daily use.


You can find us at our unique and distinctive Store in Rovigo, where we keep more than 10000 different products and more than 200 brands. We are highly specialized in supply for hairstylists, beauty salons, perfumery and nail reconstruction articles. We also have five lines of products under our brand, that reflect our values and the unbeatable quality of Made in Italy.

Besides our store, we also launched our e-commerce store: RavanelloEshop, in order to make our goods available throughout Italy.

Our core values are expertise, innovation and passion that, led by a long experience in this sector, enable us to respond to the needs of our clients, both in the physical store and in our e-commerce shop. We believe that constant development and customer care can make the difference. We have always taken part in specialized courses about the latest innovation in the cosmetics and tricologic industry; this made us become a landmark for high quality technical products and customer training: we organize in fact courses both for professionals and for our clients who want to keep up to date with the latest releases. We also offer a highly specialized customer service, aiming to create a relationship of trust with our physical and digital visitors.